How to Reset the Anti-Theft System in Ford F-150?

It is very important to have an Anti-Theft System in the car because it increases the security of our vehicle and also helps to protect property inside the car. Anti-Theft System can be also explained as a group of devices and sensors that work together to increase the security of our vehicle.

And by the definition, everyone can tell how important Anti-Theft System is in our day to days life.

Anti-Theft Systems are designed very perfectly so they can decrease the chances of robbery in our car. But very often our car security system AKA Anti-Theft System started misbehaving or stops working properly. And it can be fixed very easily if you know the right steps to follow.

How to Reset the Anti-Theft System in Ford F-150?

Resetting one key usually requires the use of two previously programmed keys to complete the operation. Therefore afterward when you can only turn the key with one key.

Step 1: Use the first key you programmed. Place it in the ignition without starting the engine and turn the key to the “On” position. The anti-theft light should blink, and the display panel behind the steering wheel should light up.

Step 2: With the key in the combustion, wait for 10 minutes.

Step 3: If the anti-theft light is not lighted, switch the key back to “Off,” and remove it. Afterward, replace it with the second programmed key within 5 seconds.

Step 4: Remove the second key and turn it on and off.

Step 5: Not succeeding more than 10 seconds after inserting the key you need to reset, press the reset button. Hence turn it to the “On” position for one second before switching it back to the “Off” position.

Step 6: With the key in the ignition, wait until the security light lights. Then take it out to complete the procedure.

If it doesn’t work the first time, try the entire procedure again.

On a Ford F150, how can you turn off the Anti- Theft System?

If you don’t do the next steps in 30 seconds, you’ll have to start over.

  • Please turn off the engine and double-check your doors; they must all be shut.
  • Turn the key to “On” and place it in the ignition.
  • Push the power door to unlock the button three times.
  • Turn the key to the “Off” position.
  • Push the power button three times to unlock it.
  • Toggle the switch to “On.” Pay attention to the sound of the trumpet.
  • Once the unlock button has been pressed, press the lock button. The horn will beep once, signaling that the auto-lock mechanism has been disabled.
  • Turn the key to the “Off” position. For confirmation, the horn will trill once.

Ford Anti-Theft System Reset

Antitheft system diagnostic and verification costs approximately $44 and $56 on occasion. The cost of labor is projected to be approximately $44 and $56. This amount excludes service charges, as well as your car and geographic region.

Instrumentation, vehicle stability control, engine management system, and anti-theft system are just a few of the complex technological systems in your Ford F-150. We rarely consider these vital components unless something goes wrong. The anti-theft system is one of the most commonly overlooked devices. We’ll look at how the anti-theft mechanism works and how to reset it if something goes wrong.

When an anti-theft system is unintentionally activated and a person cannot start their car, the significant issue is the first thing that comes to mind. While a defective key may be the cause, requiring repair or replacement, there are alternative ways to reset your anti-theft system that you should attempt first.

Check the car’s battery before attempting any of the reset techniques. If the battery is dead, the system is unlikely to recognize any reset attempts.

The following are the many methods for resetting the anti-theft system on a Ford:

Making use of the ignition

Car Ignition Button
  • Place the key in the ignition and turn it until the interior accessories get power but not the engine. The anti-theft indicator will flash or remain lighted on the display behind the steering wheel.
  • Allow 10 minutes for the key to remaining in this position.
  • Examine the anti-theft light once again. Turn the key off and leave it for a few minutes if it is no longer illuminated.
  • Examine the anti-theft light once again. Turn the key off and leave it for a few minutes if it is no longer illuminated.
  • Now try starting the engine. Because you successfully reset your Ford anti-theft system, your vehicle’s engine should start.
  • If this method does not work for the first time, repeat it a few times.

Using the door lock

Car Door Lock and Key
  • In the driver’s side door, insert the key into the door lock.
  • Turn the key on and leave it there for roughly a minute before turning it off. It further interprets to the computer that you have the correct key.
  • Turn the key oppositely and maintain the position to repeat the small operation.
  • After that, take the key out of the door and place it in the ignition. Startup your car.

Replace/Repair the key

If none of those mentioned above works, then it is possible that the issues are with the key. The key or the chip within it may have been damaged. If you have a spare key for the automobile, attempt the techniques listed above with it. If the second key works, the fault is with your original key, which will need to be replaced or fixed.

Examine the door’s lock

Car's Door Lock

Check the door lock if the key isn’t the issue. It might be damaged as a result of a theft attempt, triggering the anti-theft mechanism.

Ford Anti-Theft system troubleshooting 

Ford cars are equipped with a passive anti-theft system for added security. The mechanism stops someone from starting the car with a key that has been miscoded. Your car may feature one of the following alarm systems, depending on the model. And you can use a scanner tool to scan the alarm system and sensors or you can manually check them.

Alarm system for the perimeter

The perimeter alarm serves as a barrier to unlawful entry into your car via the doors and hood. The alarm horn blasts and the hazard flasher flashes if the alarm is activated.

Interior sensors and perimeter alarm 

By monitoring interior sensors and movement within your car, the sensors function as a deterrent against unlawful entry.

Interior sensors and a battery backup sounder are included with this category one alarm 

The battery backup sounder is a separate alarm system that sounds like a siren if your vehicle’s battery or the battery backup sounder is disconnected. When you lock your car, the system is activated. Because the sounder has its battery, it will sound an alert even if your vehicle’s battery or the battery backup sounder is disconnected.

How to disable the Anti-Theft system on Ford 

Ford vehicles utilize both internal and external anti-theft technologies. The residual, which consists of a steering column combined with a transmitter that instructs the car to begin, can only be changed by a registered retailer. The demonstration, a manufacturer indicator, might well be stopped and reactivated in moments if necessary.

Whether you’ve forgotten your car remotely, use the Packers designed code to access the driver’s side window. By pushing the unlocked option on your car’s door lock; you may turn off the warning. After that, put the key in the door and switch it to “on.” The car’s batteries must be switched on; however, the motor really shouldn’t be running.

  • Ford vehicles utilize both internal and external anti-theft technologies.
  • Whether you’ve forgotten their cars remotely, use the Packers programmable key to unlocking the driver’s side window.

Search for both the overriding button mostly on the sensor box underneath the steering column of the windshield. Push corresponding buttons till the alarm is set off as. The anti-theft system will be switched off after the alarm’s LED light stops blinking.

To deactivate the car’s alert, insert the Packers programmable key into the starter and switch it over to the “on” condition. Push the overridden gear to the on position. The warning yelps repeatedly and the LED light flashes whenever it comes off at the sixth run.

What is the best way to get my car out of theft mode?

Several factors might cause the flashing “THEFT” sign. The fuel pump driver module or a faulty ignition key are the most prevalent. You’ll need to have a new key made and programmed. And see if you can get the car started with it. For that, you may go to and look for a business in your region. 

If the problem is with the module, you must unplug it and plug in the new one without even installing it. Then attempt to start your Ford. If none of that works, you’ll need to consult a tuning expert to find a method that can reset your Ford’s computer.

Cost to reset the system 

Troubleshooting and monitoring for openly anti systems probably cost approximately $44 and $56. Labor costs are expected to range between $44 and $56. Additional taxes, and even some of your vehicle and physical region, are not included in this estimate. The external landscape may need to be repaired as well.

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